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  • Oh, that's...whatsisface!

    My memory for faces is so bad that I can meet you several times then still not recognise you the next time. So I investigated why:

    Fine wine and new friends in Santiago

    I've started a whole new life in Santiago, teaching English to adults. Here's how it's going so far..
  • The water of life

    The devoted conservationist Michael Rattray has recently died. It was a pleasure to interview him about this water conservation reserve that he created.
  • A solar safari

    The newly-opened Shibula Solar Safari Lodge is pioneering an electric Land Rover for near silent game drives
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    Bushcraft brings the big rewards

    A stay at Klaserie Drift Misava Camp brings some spectacular sightings
  • Viva Valencia

    I've just rediscovered a pair of shorts that I bought years ago in Valencia. So I dug out this story for some happy memories!
  • Spotting leopards in the trees for less

    The 5-star Simbambili Lodge in Sabi Sand offers some incredibly special sightings at incredibly special prices.
  • The Catalyst Hotel

    A wallow in the spa, great wine and fabulous chips are highlights of a staycation in Sandton's newest hotel
  • Book review: When Secrets Become Stories

    Don't give us Women's Day - give us safety and respect
  • Colombia is more than a little crazy

    If you think Colombia is a little on the wild side, you're absolutely right. It makes a great place for an adventure, though.
  • Let the train take the strain

    Exploring the incredible Inca ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru is a dream destination for many people, and right now, we all need to dream about the good things still to come.
  • Antbear Lodge

    An eco-friendly lodge in the Drakensberg where the accommodation includes a cave with dramatic views and its own jacuzzi