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I'm Lesley, a freelance travel & leisure journalist. Until recently I was based in stunning South Africa,  but after a major rethink about the future prompted by the Covid lockdown, I've reinvented myself as an English teacher for adults and moved to Santiago in Chile! I'm absolutely loving it, so you can expect some Chilean travel articles soon!
Here you'll also find some of my quirky, warped and opinionated ideas on life, love, cheesecake and everything else crucial for survival. If you want to follow me on Twitter or Instagram I'm on @lesley_stones
Have fun, and travel safely.

Cine Shorts

Killers of the Flower Moon: A powerful, moving story based on David Grann's investigative book that exposed a series of murders of the oil-wealthy Osage native Americans. Director and co-writer Martin Scorsese has created a rich and detailed condemnation of white men chasing money. Long,  engrossing, and well worth watching to remind ourselves of how appalling humans can be. *****

Sound Of Freedom: A high class movie/thriller about the horrendous subject of child sex trafficking. It’s based on a true story, and it should  blow your mind to see how extensive and cruel the network is.  Its makers, including Tim Ballard, the US agent who rescued more than 100 kids, and Jim Caviezel, the actor who plays him, hope it will start a social revolution by highlighting then shutting down the crime. More likely, human apathy will see us watch it, shake our heads in sorrow, then try to forget. But becoming aware of what’s going on around us is the first step. . ****

Oppenheimer: Don't be put off by the idea of three hours in the cinema - this epic written and directed by Christopher Nolan is a fascinating experience. Cillian Murphy is a striking figure who holds you in thrall with his clear eyes and haunted looks. Some of the US politics is beyond me, but when people cheer the bombing of Japan as Oppenheimer sees only nightmares, the effect is chilling. *****

How To Have Sex: What a sad movie - a teenage girl desperately trying to fit in and be cool, in a culture that glorifies getting drunk and getting laid. Told from the female perspective in an era that's all about lad culture and consent barely comes into it. ***