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  • The Sunshine Cinema

    Sunshine Cinema is a fun but serious initiative that sparks conversations and creates jobs by screening films in rural African areas without a cinema.
  • A tribute to Hamilton

    Hamilton Ratshefola was a fine figure in the IT industry. To mark his recent death, here's an interview he did in 2020 as the GM of IBM Southern Africa.
  • A journey to the past

    Chasing a ghost in the Czech Republic
  • The dating site scamming the scammers

    When you're tired of artificial profiles on the dating sites, try artificial intelligence
  • How to reinvent yourself!

    Waking up to the awful feeling of having nothing to do was the trigger that made me decide to reinvent myself. From a journalist in Johannesburg to an English tutor in Chile.
  • Hitting your 60

    Why do some people seem content to drift towards old age, while others reinvent themselves completely?