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Carryblaire Guesthouse, Parys

 Carryblaire Guesthouse, Parys Walking down the main street of Parys is rather like walking through a film set.
It’s scenery fit for a genteel romance, where the heroine owns an antique bookstore and is wooed by the owner of an art gallery. They’d stroll by the river, laugh at monkeys playing on a historic footbridge that leads to nowhere, then dine in a quaint restaurant with secret little rooms lit by flickering candles.
You're likely to bump into a geologist or two in the guest house, because Parys sits in the Vredefort Dome, a massive crater formed when a giant meteorite smashed into Earth 2-billion years ago, in the biggest, oldest bang to ever rock the planet.
A nice, affordable place to stay is the Carryblaire Guesthouse, 14km from the town itself. That’s down a country road, so it takes about 20 minutes.

CarryblaireThat's no good if you want to stagger home quickly after a night on the town, but since Parys isn’t that sort of place, a short drive back isn’t a major problem. And if the Harley gang is in town that weekend, it’s a hell of a lot quieter to be out of their way and down by the river. Guests stay in individual thatched cottages, and you can take a pleasant stroll by the river accompanied by the resident dogs then enjoy sundowners by the pool. If you book in advance you can tuck into a hearty three-course dinner served in the old wooden-beamed dining room.
Parys is just over an hour’s drive down the N1 from Johannesburg, so it’s perfect for a weekend away.

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