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The world through my eyes.

Welcome to my website!  I'm Lesley, a freelance travel & leisure journalist based in stunning South Africa. Which means no matter where in the world I visit, it's always a thrill to come back home. Here you'll find some of my travel articles, hotel and lodge reviews and my quirky, warped and opinionated ideas on life, love, cheesecake and everything else crucial for survival. Check out my theatre reviews too - you may think I'm harsh sometimes, but I reckon I just tell it like it is!

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Have fun, and travel safely.

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Priscilla Queen of the Desert

Priscilla Queen of the DesertJohannesburg has thrown off the very few inhibitions it ever had and gone wild for a raunchy show that’s an anthem to gayness and personal liberation.
Priscilla Queen of the Desert is salacious, saucy and screamingly funny, and not just for the screaming queens. It’s outrageous entertainment that glitters and sparkles from the first moments when three divas descend from the ceiling.
Priscilla is the musical story of three Australian drag queens who head out in a camper van – the campest van you’ve ever seen – to perform in Alice Springs. Read Review:

The Play That Goes Wrong

The Play That Goes Wrong It takes a great deal of skill to be consistently incompetent.
To corrupt a famous quote, most of us can manage it sometimes, some of us can manage it most times, but for everyone to manage it all the time, well, that requires real genius.
The cast of The Play That Goes Wrong does it perfectly, reducing the audience to helpless guffaws in this multi-award winning romp. Read review:

Writing awards!

Writing awards! I'm chuffed and honoured to have won the 2016 Arts Journalism Award!  I got the gold, and also a silver, in the reviews category of the National Arts Festival/Business & Arts South Africa awards. I'm delighted that the thoughtful and honest reviews I write have a role to play in applauding and helping to improve our theatre scene.

Lesotho's lonely mountains

Lesotho's lonely mountains If you want to learn about a country, try getting naked with the locals in the sauna for a while.
That wasn’t the plan when I sat on the hot wooden bench behind a large lady wearing nothing but a shower cap. But we got chatting, as naked people do, when she asked why I was in a hotel sauna in Lesotho. Read more:

The Echo of a Noise

The Echo of a NoiseThere are times, when Pieter-Dirk Uys is fluffing around playing his various characters, that I don’t find him terribly entertaining.
This esteemed actor is widely hailed as a national treasure, yet even the grandest monuments grow dusty and fade past their prime. But I was wrong.
Perched on a barstool under a spotlight on an otherwise empty stage, 71-year-old Uys can still hold an audience absolutely mesmerised just by talking. Read review:

Montreal meandering

Montreal meanderingIt’s Saturday night in Montreal, and I’m determined not to slink back home until at least 10pm.
I don’t want my two young Airbnb hosts to think I’m such a social failure that I can’t find anything to do in Canada’s self-proclaimed party city.
Montreal prides itself on being the fun and festive heart of Canada, a country that’s generally seen as rather dull. This city-on-an-island is having none of that, and celebrates about 110 festivals every year. So it’s a mathematical mystery how I’ve managed to arrive when there isn’t single a festival in sight. Read article:


Steve Here's me and my very lovely man, Steve Ormond, who fought so hard to beat off meningitis and then survive the series of strokes the illness caused.
He didn't make it.
He died on April 21, 2015 after such an incredibly brave battle and such determination not to leave me. He did it with grit and courage and humour and so much love that the last nine months were incredibly special for us, yet unbelievably cruel.
I love you Steve. I'm going to come and find you one sweet day.
Here's a piece I wrote about him:

Cinema Shorts

Cinema Shorts 20th Century Women: A slow burning, sometimes funny and ultimately rewarding movie about a single mother bringing up her son in the hedonistic 1970s. ***
Beyond The River
A strong local film by director Craig Friemond starring Lemogang Tsipa and Grant Swanby as unlikely partners tackling the Dusi canoe race. All the usual conflicts, backstories and ultimate triumphs, but well told and beautifully filmed. ****

Below Her Mouth: Arthouse erotica with no holds barred sex scenes in a lesbian affair that turns the world of its 'straight' participant upside down. Rich with emotions.****
The Salesman: Well made, well played Iranian movie that for me, saddens with the confirmation of how little say women have over their own bodies and their own lives in this male-only society.***